Diversification of Services

Depending on the size of the project, the timeframes designated for completion, as well as the number of parties involved during each stage in construction, it may be advisable to consider what construction scheduling options are locally available through construction consultants and construction scheduling firms. Having an outfit that is solely dedicated toward coordinating the schedule of materials to labor, directing the progression of each phase or milestone in project-advancement, and maintaining ample & effective communication throughout the project’s entirety can be much more than a mere convenience; it’s often pivotal to its successful fruition.


Construction Management Firms

Even with years of experience, countless projects successfully concluded, and a penchant for superseding a client’s expectation, it can still be necessary for fellow construction management firms to rely on a specialized scheduling company to maintain order, direction, and overall progression during the project. With the many inherent challenges that often arise during a large-scale construction/development project, it’s more than beneficial to have a system in place to direct the scheduling portion of said project. To illustrate this, we’ve spent decades honing our considerable mediation talents and consultation capacities to include reliable scheduling and coordination for the management teams that are overseeing a given development project.

Owners & Developers

Many developers, owners, or contractors alike are unfamiliar with the intricacies of a balanced schedule concerning large-scale development projects and the lack of familiarity can often manifest in many different ways. With some naturally being more detrimental to the development project than others. Chiefly the two most prevalent of those being the consistency in communication (or lack thereof) between both the bank/investors as well as the management team & contractors. Alternatively, having an absence of cohesion, direction, or accountability within all parties involved will all too often yield very costly postponements to the project’s overall progression and result in overspending.


Addressing Issues Before Problems Arise

Inarguably, a proactive approach that includes enlisting an expert in construction management with effective scheduling protocols & practices is an extremely effective way to combat those otherwise unavoidable costs associated with any sizable construction/development project.


Why Our Experience Matters

As is most common, an inexperienced owner, developer, or general contractor responsible for guiding the development project will tend to either flounder when there are setbacks or unanticipated obstacles, such as local county/city officials ‘dragging their feet’ regarding inspections & permitting approvals. That, or overpay at the conclusion of the venture; which is often inevitable under such circumstances and is universally best avoided altogether. This is why we here at Matador Construction place such tremendouns emphasis on pre-planning prevention.

Saving Money Post-Construction

However, when the project has already concluded and it’s time to balance the budget, there are all-too-often glaring issues during the many different junctures of a development venture that consequently incurred unnecessary costs to owners & investors alike. While it may appear that the commonality of such losses caused by delays or ineptitude are simply ‘par for the course’ and should be treated in accordance with the privilege of undertaking a developmental enterprise, it is most certainly not the case; or so we believe here at Matador Construction.


How Matador Construction Can Help

With our application of Primavera proficiency and fluency in forensic scheduling, we here at Matador are able recover losses in the tens of thousands of dollars that would have otherwise been paid in error to unmerited recipients. As is often the situation with each phase of construction surrounding large-scale development, the potential for delays caused by bungled bureaucracy or terrible time mismanagement will have tremendous impact on the budget allotted for the project; both during its progression as well as its eventual completion.



The design teams, development assessors, and architectural firms that are routinely involved during the preliminary stages of a large-scale development/construction project are crucial to a project’s favorable completion for a variety of reasons. Chief among those reasons being able to render and design structures, property aspects, and construction-based elements that are commonplace to most large-scale development projects. Without a safe, sound, and serviceable design in place before the actual building/construction aspect of the project is initiated, it can often result in the entire enterprise being deemed moot. It’s essential that the design teams, construction experts, and architects all have dependable methods in which convey changes, affect amendments, and adjust design aspects rapidly and efficiently. In those regards, our company, Matador Construction Services, maintains an enviable position as one California’s leading construction scheduling & management firms because we’ve embraced the fact that each component of a development project requires equal attention and diligence.


Primavera Scheduling ⇝
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Diverse Application

Merges all facets of construction & development into one streamlined process.

  • site assessments
  • project consulatations
  • architectural design
  • phase permitting
  • labor & logistics
  • coordination & mediation
  • land development
  • structural construction
  • milestone inspections
  • completion analysis

Consistent Communication

Promotes widespread transparency & provides clear direction for all parties involved.

  • owners
  • developers
  • architects
  • (sub)contractors
  • engineers
  • investors
  • public utility
  • city/county officials

Development Documentation

Ensures budgets are contained, contributors are held accountable, and progress is upheld.

  • schematics
  • blueprints
  • mapping/layout
  • contracts
  • engineering schematics
  • floorplans
  • agreements
  • concepts
  • designs
  • architectural renderings


Builders & Contractor Teams

There are precious few occurrences that can spell a disastrous recipe for a large-scale development project more assuredly than having a lack of cohesion and direction guiding the project’s progress; especially regarding the labor and actual construction aspects of the development-based enterprise. Our local construction sector here in California boasts some the most abundant/ample options for talented construction contractors as can be found anywhere in the world. However, without proper recruitment, project guidance, and general feedback, their aptitude and qualifications are largely underutilized and heavily squandered. For this reason, we’ve made it one of our ‘selling points' to provide actionable direction and expertise-driven vetting coverage for the labor force of the construction project that we are responsible for coordinating.



Our Coverage Extends From Conception To Execution

Matador Construction Services has built a strong presence within the California community over many years and we have maintained strong relationships with countless contractors throughout the state. We continue to maintain the highest confidence in our abilities to bring quality commercial structures in a safe and positive manner to our surrounding communities.

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