T.I.A. - Time Impact Analysis

Saving time, money, and overall efforts during a commercial construction project is a concept (and later an eventual reality with Matador Construction, of course) that resonates with every contractor, investor, management team, or any other active project-contributors involved during the overture’s many stages.

Improper Management of Project Timeframes Has Reverberatory Effects

However, when one or more of those project aspirations are compromised, squandered, or underperforming, it can make the entire endeavor an arduous task that is both costly and time-consuming. While it’s not always feasible to prevent issues proactively as opposed to being reduced to a reactive participant, there is a certain amount of solace to be found with Time Impact Analysis.

T.I.A. Can Identify Crucial Issues For Detailed Analysis

With that being said, it’s crucial that every multi-faceted, high-end development project or construction-based venture have an effective level of transparency, adaptability, and above all else: accountability.
When a project is weeks behind the projected time for completion due to poor planning or inefficient management, it’s important to not only address the issue of the project delay but also identify the party, person, or outfit that is responsible for creating such a logistical logjam and correct it accordingly.

Implementing Time Impact Analysis Can Greatly Impact Construction-Based Ventures

One sure-fire, provenly effective way to isolate weak points or causes for contention during the construction process is to consider applying a T.I.A. solution if a particular development project is woefully mismanaged or worse, ‘dead in the water’. Additionally, including T.I.A. not only recognizes/acknowledges the possibility for project delays but accounts for their potentiality/inevitability as well - thus providing a clear-cut course of redress and/or rectification.

What T.I.A. Can Do For Development Projects

To get a clearer appreciation for T.I.A. and how it can be of tremendous benefit to a specific large-scale developmental enterprise, listed below are several common scenarios where we’ve been able to institute a designated, T.I.A.-based plan of action to great success.

  • Assesses each state of project’s progress.
  • Identifies likely causes for delays, losses, or stagnation.
  • Explores viable solutions towards project re-orientation.
  • Allocates resources to correct issues impeding progression.
  • Highlights any responsible parties, contributors, & participants for recognition and/or accountability.


Matador Construction Services has built a strong presence within the California community over many years and we have maintained strong relationships with countless contractors throughout the state. We continue to maintain the highest confidence in our abilities to bring quality commercial structures in a safe and positive manner to our surrounding communities.

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