Project Mediation

Establishing a favorable schedule between investors/owners, the design/architectural firm(s), construction contractors, and project mediation teams; maintaining a steady & consistent flow of useful communication(s) throughout; and coordinating the efforts and contributions of all parties involved - all play an instrumental part in the success of any large-scale construction project. When one considers the many facets and aspects that are present throughout a development/construction project’s many phases, it’s easy to appreciate the necessity of having a team of dedicated professional project mediators to effectively direct and dictate the innate machinations before, during, and after the project’s successful completion. This can often be expressed in a variety of ways or service-capacities, such as mediation for any/all parties that are contributing, coordination of scheduling & logistics as the project progresses, as well as ensuring communication between all parties involved remains clear, concise, and collaborative. To that effect, we’ve endeavored painstakingly over the decades of our storied tenure to finally be widely recognized as one of California’s leading construction consulting firms that specializes in scheduling, coordination, and effective project mediation. Please feel free to continue reading below to garner a better understanding of how we can be a positively impactful resource to your particular large-scale development/construction project. Also, for the convenience of those seeking immediate response or information, we are available via telephone as well as by the service request form that can be found throughout our website.



Public Works

Whether it's managing the project's progression or orgazning the schedule for construction, inspections, and approvals, you can rest assured that our noteworthy scheduling management and consultation services are specifically designed to expedite your project to a successful conclusion quickly and efficiently. Feel free to get in touch to learn more; also we've listed many of the accomplishments we've achieved in the public works industry here in California.


Our Previous Public Works Projects

  • Newport Beach Civic Center $123 million Civic Center with 4 story parking structure, city hall, council chambers and library expansion.Utilizing Last Planner concepts during construction.

  • City of Los Angeles Metro Detention Center $68 million dollar facility located next to city hall. Created and maintained project schedule in addition to Project Manager duties.

  • On-site CPM scheduler in 1990 for a $55 million dollar performing arts center, located in Escondido CA. Working as a Construction Manager, in a multi-prime environment responsible for creating and maintaining the master project schedule. Other tasks included creating and reviewing look ahead schedule for foreman's meetings, publish monthly CPM and narrative, create and maintain submittal log, assist in reviewing contractor's monthly payment applications and provide monthly schedule analysis and cash flow diagrams to owner on a monthly basis.



With the ever-growing hospitality sector in California reach unheard of heights each and every year, it's safe to say that hotels, resorts, and entertainment venues are a staple for many industries. As such, we've cultivated a stellar reputation in the local development & construction industry that was established through years of dedicated service and a proclivity for always "seeing the bigger picture" when we are tasked with scheduling large-scale development projects.


Our Previous Hospitality Projects

  • Marriott Hotel – Irvine Spectrum 20 Million dollar 14 story cast-in-place hotel. Aggressive 14 month schedule

  • Lido Hotel 23 Million dollar Hotel in Newport beach

  • Marriott Hotel 14 Million dollar Hotel located in Healdsburg Ca. – RD Olsen

  • Disneyland Club 33 Lounge & Expansion

  • Disneyland Fantasmic 2.0

  • Disneyland Big Thunder Mountain

  • Platform – Culver City – Del Amo Construction

  • Scheduler & Project Manager on a $60 million dollar Disney California Adventure project primarily responsible for a $13 million attraction building and area development.Responsibilities included full development and implantation of the master baseline schedule, subcontract buyout and contract writing and overall project management. Project Manager/Scheduler for Lego land Project.



We understand the importance of convenient scheduling, expert project management, and consistent communication during a large-scale development project for local multi-family housing and shared-dwellings. Moreover, through our years of construction scheduling experience and familiarity with local 'red tape', we are able to expedite multi-family development projects rapidly, conclusively, and most importantly, favorably.


Our Previous Multi-Family Projects

  • City of Huntington Beach – Senior Center

  • UCLA – Saxon Village

  • La Verne Village – Multi-Family Housing

  • UCSB – Sierra Madre Student Housing – Pro West

  • Linear Development- 1111 Sunset Condos

  • Monarch Cottages – La Jolla



Our local schools and education facilities are a fixture of the future in our California communities which is why when endeavoring to construct, renovate, or expand a current academic-related property, it's imperative to ensure the scheduling and time-management of the project is top-notch and meticulously organized. Also worth noting is the importance of maintaining enirching communication between all parties involved with a particular school development project.



(For a complete list of previous school projects, please click here.)

Our Previous School Projects

  • L.A.U.S.D. - Los Angeles Unified School

  • S.B.U.S.D. - San Bernardino City
    Unified School District

  • L.B.C.C. - Long Beach City

  • T.C.U.S.D. - Temple City Unified School

  • P.U.S.D. - Pomona Unified School

  • O.P.U.S.D. - Oak Park Unified School

  • U.C.S.B. - University of California:
    Santa Barbara

  • U.C. Davis - University of California:

  • B.H.U.S.D. - Beverly Hills Unified
    School District

  • C.S.D. - Cucamonga School

  • P.U.H.S.D. - Perris Union High School

  • G.G.U.S.D. - Garden Grove Unified District



Efficiently navigating the many channels of bureaucracy and hoops of ‘red tape’ that are commonly associated with most large-scale, multi-dimensional construction & development projects is an endeavor that requires a bit more finesse and effort than merely filing paperwork, responding to queries, or submitting applications for approval. Often these development/construction projects are very ambitious enterprises with a multitude of variables, moving parts, and inherent challenges that can impede the project’s progression. Not to mention the importance of mediating the demands, requests, or requirements of all other parties or *project-contributors (investors, management firms, design teams, and/or local officials) that are [in]directly involved with the aforementioned project. These problematic potentialities can range from minor scheduling issues that entail a bit of time (re)management for redress to an outright halt in the progression of the project due to a clerical error when submitting a permitting application or an oversight when obtaining an approval form. To best avoid this, it’s always prudent to enlist an outfit that has not only expressed experience in avoiding obstacles or overcoming challenges as they arise but also circumventing them altogether. It’s rarely recommended to maintain a reactive approach towards mediating a large-scale construction project and with great reason: time, progression, and productivity; once lost are rarely, if ever, reinstilled back into the project to any real favorable degree. In direct response to this, our teams of mediation experts and project mediators have worked steadily over the years to incorporate an effective, yet project-specific approach towards mediating the various development projects we are tasked with overseeing.


As many investors/owners, construction crews, design/architecture firms, and fellow project mediation professionals will attest to, upholding an enriching line of communication and progressional reporting is unquestionably vital to the successful conclusion of any large-scale developmental construction project. Regardless if it’s expediting material logistics during a specified construction phase or ensuring each project-contributor is constantly apprised of the progression attained during each juncture of the project, the necessity of open communication remains as paramount. To give an example, many large-scale projects are delayed, denied, or abandoned outright not because of a lack of talent found amongst local construction contractors or because the timeframes for the project’s completion are deemed unrealistic. Inadequate, subpar, or simply non-existent communication, are typically some of the biggest detrimental factors that plague and ultimately derail most large-scale construction enterprises. One would think that with the many outlets for communication and readily available means of sharing important information between everyone involved during a construction project would make the need for having a team that is solely dedicated to providing consistent/valuable communication would be redundant or rendered obsolete but that is unfortunately not the case present-day. To that effect, the efforts of our seasoned teams of professional project mediators have not only elevated our status as a chosen construction consultation company through their diligence in maintaining communication but have also raised the standard in our local California development/construction industry.


As with most large-scale, many-faceted development/construction projects, having an effective means of coordination and mediation of the project is absolutely essential. Whether it’s coordinating the schedule for the labor & construction portion of the project or if it’s directing the meetings between the inspectors, design teams, or officials; each plays an integral role in the overall progression of the construction/development project. Furthermore, when there is an effective standard of coordination being upheld throughout the entirety of the development-based project, there is also a certain level of flexibility and adaptability that can be enjoyed/utilized during the project’s many phases. Thus avoiding lulls in productivity from stage-to-stage as the project continues to progress. For instance, a large-scale construction project that has implemented a solid foundation for time-management, scheduling, coordination, and budgeting maintains more ‘wiggle room’ that can be taken advantage of to avoid costly (time as well as money) mishaps or unforeseen impediments to the project’s conclusion. In light of this, we emphasize that efficiency and efficacy remain paramount during our coordination efforts and delegation-based services.

Matador Construction Services has built a strong presence within the California community over many years and we have maintained strong relationships with countless contractors throughout the state. We continue to maintain the highest confidence in our abilities to bring quality commercial structures in a safe and positive manner to our surrounding communities.

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