C.P.M. - Critical Path Method

The objective of any construction or development-related project is inherently the same: rapid completion and marked success at each juncture, maintaining a consistent and conscious budgeting, with minimal setbacks throughout the project’s entirety.

C.P.M. Plays An Integral Role

Hands-on coordination, preventative planning, and adaptable oversight are all pivotal aspects towards implementing CPM into a construction project’s many stages. Doing so does wonders towards ensuring deadlines are met, budgets are contained, and progress remains fluid and seamless; regardless of unforeseen circumstances or unplanned ‘hurdles’. Being a step-by-step process instituted in a project to define crucial duties versus non-crucial duties, CPM also positively impacts nearly any construction project through direct scheduling and time management.

C.P.M. Accounts For Even Unavoidable Setbacks

For instance, the most common impediment(s) that a construction-oriented project experiences (aside from general project mismanagement) is delays due to inclement weather, bureaucratic bottlenecks, acts of God (natural disasters, earthquakes, flooding, etc), and substandard scheduling & coordination. In light of that, CPM takes into account the potential for issues (both common/usual and those which are atypical & irregular) as well as the probability of them actually transpiring and plans each stage of development accordingly.

Where Matador Implements Critical Path Method Most Effectively

To list an example, when our company is tasked with customizing and incorporating CPM to a specific construction-based project, we make a time- allowance/allotment for rainy days & delays as well as scheduling each phase of the project to have ‘wiggle room’ on the off-chance that there was an unanticipated issue that impeded progress. With the many intangibles, variables, and ‘moving parts’ that are commonplace to large-scale development efforts, such as building a multi-family structure resplendent with on-site shopping to support private housing, it’s absolutely essential to incorporate a structured plan of action to safeguard against wasted time, congestion in construction progression, and the preferably-avoided: project-stagnation.

Common Hurdles That C.P.M. Factors In

When delays or ‘hiccups’ are plaguing the progression of a project, it not only postpones deadlines and limits productivity but it also severely infringes upon the budget previously allocated.

Considerations Accounted For With C.P.M.
  • Inclement Weather & Climate
  • Contractual Accountability
  • Permitting Approval & Delays
  • Contributor Communication
  • (Sub)Contractor Coordination


Matador Construction Services has built a strong presence within the California community over many years and we have maintained strong relationships with countless contractors throughout the state. We continue to maintain the highest confidence in our abilities to bring quality commercial structures in a safe and positive manner to our surrounding communities.

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